“Designed by Branson Coates Architecture, the Moshi Moshi Sushi Bar at Canary Wharf features a 23 x 3.25 metre cityscape created by Designers Republic. The image which we printed at premium definition was installed by tensioning the substrate between a system of parallel aluminium bars.”

“Slug and Lettuce Pubs are opening up all over the country and feature abstract images, created by Agenda Design, as part of their decorative themes. Each pub has a different design which we printed onto fire-rated Trevira in Scanachrome Max. We stretched and mounted the images over frames ready for installation.”

“These decor panels which Wherefore Art? designed for Richoux Coffee Co are a perfect example of the sharp colour reproduction achievable with digital designs onto fabric using Scanachrome Max. For this project we printed six 1.2 metre square sections of Trevira which were placed together.”