Carpets Specifications

The EN 1307 performance standard is a common European standard for test and classification of textile floorings. Carpets and tiles are tested and subsequently classified according to the EN 1307 standard.Tests of durability, appearance retention, colour fastness to light, colour fastness to rubbing dry, colour fastness to rubbing wet and colour fastness to water must always be conducted and the EN 1307 requirements should be met in order for a product to be classified. Additionally, specific demands are made on carpet tiles regarding total carpet weight, variation of size, squareness and dimensional stability. On the basis of the tests, a domestic or commercial performance area classification is given.

Class 33 – Commercial – heavy
Departure halls, air terminals, cinemas, theatres, stores, institutions, canteens, service areas, elevators, aeroplanes, hotel reception halls, entrance areas, offices, schools, restaurants, stairs/corridors, ships, trains and buses.