Image Manipulation

We can produce what you want, to place where you want, at the time you want

Rutters specialises in 10″ x 8″ panoramic location photography which is scanned and manipulated exactly to the Client’s brief. This digital information is then translated through to the creation of artwork for photobackings and translights.This page is an example of our work and a demonstration of the making of a translight from initial outline to its use on set.

The image above shows how we planned the use of the translights in the film, Yardie. Diagrammatic plans show that the indoor scene has to have a translight visible through the windows at the back and front of the flat. The translights will be filmed through the windows as if the scene were the view from inside the flat as can be seen below:

The benefits of using Translights for the director are immense. The photography crew use their expertise to create the exterior scene under conditions that are required by the shooting script not by Mother Nature or by local access regulations or even the time of day. In a sense the images can take the setting beyond what is normally possible on location by enabling control over every element – even the perfect thunder clouds or sunrise can be there for the fifth take or the nineteenth, or . . . .

These three images show some of the photos that were taken for the ‘Yardie’ movie we worked on recently.

So, when the photographers are happy with the shots and everything has been approved from the top down, Rutters gets down to the magic. As you can see from the next image we expertly join the images together and do a great deal of manipulation to create the desired translight.

It’s far more intricate than we’ve hinted at here. There’s the right sky to consider, the buildings, the streets, possibly a few extra buildings and the lighting at nighttime. We take all of these elements, we put ’em together and what have you got? “Bibiddy-bobbidy-boo!”

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