Carpet and Flexi Floor Printing

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Carpet & Flexi Floor Printing

Imagine graphic promotion of your Corporate image or aspects of the great work you do on a beautifully printed carpet (or carpet wallhanging) in your main office or at an exhibition in which you intend to really impress potential customers. Our newest venture makes this a reality. We can print high quality images onto various types of carpet up to a maximum size of 2m in width and 70 m long.

The printer we use can do process colours as well as spot colours in brilliant shades and spectacular details.

High speed valves inject the dye deep into the carpet pile and maximum penetration is guaranteed. The dyes we use are environmental friendly acid dyes with brilliant shades and highest resistance to fading from light, rub and wash . The dyes are fully fixed to the fibre - identical to any industrial carpet.

The resolution of 50 dpi (0,5 mm pixel size = 2000 x 2000 pixel per sqm) guarantees highest definition and perfect colour matches.

Printed carpet is perfect for sound insulation and for a decorative wall covering. This makes it ideal for restaurants, and other public places where sound damping and insulation is required. 

Used in this environment, it adds a little texture and a suggestion of restrained elegance. It also absorbs sound and helps reduce operating costs because of its durability.
All carpets conform to B1 Fire Rating.