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We are very excited about our most recent service for the film industry – ‘Day to Night’ translights. Rutters are the only suppliers of ‘Day to Night’ translights produced in the UK. Using them means that sets do not need re-rigging, saving huge amounts of downtime on set because exact positioning is maintained which gives the Director the ability to shoot daytime scenes in the morning and nighttime scenes in the afternoon – with just the flick of a switch.

In instances when budgets and time are limited, we are able to produce a translight with very quick turnaround and without the necessity for special location photography. If you already have a daytime image, or if you choose one from our image library, we can manipulate the image to duplicate the scene at night and then the two images are printed back to back.

The ultimate ‘Day to Night’ translight is produced by commissioning us to shoot, in perfect symmetry, location photography which we then shoot both in daytime and at night. Then, with some clever manipulation and skillful Photoshop work, the images are combined to create that magic moment when day turns to night.

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